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Forging technological connections to deliver the optimal solutions for both the future and the present, empowered by Quantum Technology.

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End-to-End Optical System Calibration for Exceptional Precision


Optimal Performance Customized for Your Solution, Enhanced by Integrated Customer Solution Software.

Holographic Optics

Advancing the Frontier: Innovations in Metalens and Holographic Development.

Process Development

Advancing Progress while Ensuring Responsible Innovation, Avoiding Compromises on Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future.

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Precision in Focus: Attaining Solutions for Your Needs.


Optimal Solutions for Remote Sensing, Aerospace, and Navigation are Delivered by Our Operational Systems.


Holographic Calibration System for 3D Navigation, Established in 2010 "We have pioneered a patented holographic calibration system for indoor 3D navigation, surpassing state-of-the-art technology. Our achievement showcases results orders of magnitude better than existing methodologies."
Holographic Calibration System for Space Applications, Established in 2013. "We have pioneered a patented holographic calibration system for remote sensing, empowering our customers to attain exceptional high-performance calibration results, specifically tailored for the ESA space imaging spectrometer."
Initiating in 2014, the Application of Quantum Technology for Qubit Entanglement, specifically targeting Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger (GHZ) states. We have spearheaded the advancement and implementation of holographic optical systems for quantum entanglement
Quantum Algorithmic Models for Optical Systems, Conceptualized in 2015 "We have taken the initial steps in developing Quantum Algorithmic Models for Optical Systems"
Integrating Quantum Algorithms into the TORUN-V CAM Optical Systems Product Line, showcasing our developed product for remote sensing since 2016. "We have successfully executed the inaugural implementation of Quantum Algorithms for designing optical systems, encompassing the entire process from manufacturing to rigorous testing of a real lens system."
Advancing Quantum Technology for Enhanced Holographic Optical Calibration Systems TORUN V© since 2019 "We take pride in introducing Quantum Algorithm Implementation into our TORUN-V Calibration System, enhancing precision for Remote Sensing, Space Optics, and Optical Navigation to establish a high-end performance standard."

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# Breakthrough QCA development, achieved through collaboration with QuntaWave ,IBM, Microsoft, and Google Quantum Computing, enhancing our optical system for remote sensing and 3D navigation.